28 May 2012

LinuxTag Presentation

I have presented an update about LibreOffice development at LinuxTag in Berlin. LibreOffice, the best free office suite ever View more presentations from Italo Vignoli
5 May 2012

LibreOffice Brand Awareness

When The Document Foundation has launched, it has been confronted – amongst the many – with a huge brand awareness challenge. Entering the marketplace with a new brand was a task that only a group of brave
27 Apr 2012

Precise Pangolin has arrived

Today, a Precise Pangolin has landed on my desktop. It looks like it has landed on many other desktops, as the connection to Ubuntu servers has been quite slow during all day. I have installed the system,
23 Mar 2012

Errata about The Register

It looks like the communication between myself and Iain did not work in the proper way yesterday evening (European time), because a couple of significant inaccuracies have crept in the text of the article: 1. The Document
16 Mar 2012


Today I have uploaded on SlideShare my last three presentations: – LibreOffice Conference (together with Florian Effenberger and Michael Meeks) Achievements View more presentations from Italo Vignoli – Linux Conference Europe 2011 in Prague LibreOffice at Linux
15 Mar 2012

Donut Charts

I have just discovered Donut Charts, a visual feature which has been there for quite a long time, but I have never been able to master. It is a nice feature which comes handy to compare developer’s affiliation
14 Mar 2012

FLOSS Advocates

In this case, a few words tell a lot more than a thousand pictures… Well… I don’t think that LibreOffice would be the best option. To be honest I would point people to Microsoft Office. It has
18 Feb 2012

Change of Focus

I have changed the name of the blog, to reflect the focus on the thinking behind the marketing activity at The Document Foundation. I would like to make it clear that this is a personal blog, where
7 Feb 2012

No Comments, Visual

The visual representation gives a better flavour of the difference in activity and involvement between LibreOffice and Apache OpenOffice.
7 Feb 2012

No Comments, Reloaded

@ TDF, we are proud of our OOo heritage, as most of us have been active in the project for several years, and have spent there many hours. It looks like the same does not apply to