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18 Oct 2012

Another victim of Apple Maps ?

IBMmers didn’t show up, after a full day of search by the entire PlugFest crew… Someone has been speculating about a recent move of IBM to iPhone 5, which might be the reason why IBMmers did not
17 Oct 2012

Where are the IBMmers ?

If someone walks into the IBM people lost somewhere in Berlin and desperatedly looking for the site of the ODF PlugFest, please send them immediately to the Ministry of Economics and Technology in Invalidenstrasse. IBMmers did not
2 Oct 2011

ODF 1.2 has been approved as an OASIS standard

ODF 1.2, the document format adopted by LibreOffice, has been approved as an OASIS standard. Although we are still waiting the formal OASIS announcement, there have been a dry email by Chet Ensign and a more enthusiastic
9 Mar 2009

Latvia and UK Endorse ODF

[From SolidOffice] According to the latest ODF Alliance Newsletter, the UK and Latvia have made moves in support of OpenDocument Format (ODF). The CIO’s office in the UK has created a new page called Open Source, Open
6 Feb 2009

OpenOffice.org 3 Writer Guide

The manual, edited by OOoAuthors, it’s available at Lulu. It’s over 500 pages, and costs only 20 bucks.
23 Jan 2009

BlackBerry to Support OpenDocument Format

I don’t like the BlackBerry, but I’m happy to know that the device will support ODF starting from the second quarter of 2009. [Click to read the entire story: BlackBerry to Support OpenDocument Format – ComputerworldUK]
24 Nov 2008

About Beijing, OOo, ODF and interoperability

Unfortunately, I haven’t had enough time to elucubrate about what I’ve seen and heard in Beijing. Therefore, this is going to be a random collection of thoughts. Maybe, in the future I will have the time to
22 Oct 2008

Venezuela adopts ODF as National Standard

Speaking at the Second ODF Workshop in Pretoria, South Africa, Carlos Gonzalez of the National Center of Information Technologies, announced that the Venezuelan government had formally adopted ODF as a standard for the “processing, exchange and storage
15 Jul 2008

OOo, a download every five seconds

June has been an extraordinary month for OOo in Italy: – 523.234 downloads during the month, one every five seconds, more than the PCs sold in the country. – 2.096.043 downloads since January 1st, 2008. In 2007,
31 May 2008

Raven Zachary’s Podcast

I usually don’t like podcasts, which I find a lot less entertaining than music, but this time I’ll make an exception for Raven Zachary. You can download the MP3 (31 minutes, 7.1MB) from this link to listen