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13 Nov 2012

Community Development and Marketing @ FOSDEM 2013

This is an official call for sessions for a “Community Development and Marketing” devroom, hosted at FOSDEM 2013 on Saturday, February 2nd, 2013. In this devroom, developers with different profiles and backgrounds are invited to brainstorm about
6 Sep 2012

Marketing DevRoom @ FOSDEM 2013

I am trying to put together the proposal for a Marketing DevRoom @ FOSDEM 2013, which is going to be organized – as usual – on February 2/3, 2013, in Brussels, at the ULB Campus Solbosh. It
1 Jul 2009

Numbers show trends and make news stories

Growing figures show trends. More Twitter followers means more good followers (and more bad followers). More business cards collected at a seminar means more good connections (and more bad connections). More downloads means more OOo users
12 Feb 2009

The price of success 3.0 has been a huge success, and this has raised the awareness of the open source office suite to an unprecedented level. In Europe, where OOo was already quite popular, especially in France, Germany and Italy,
5 Nov 2008

Beijing, day one (and before)

I have managed to get to the pre-conference meetings later than expected, because I have spent 45 minutes of my life showing a map in chinese to chinese people that were unable to tell me where the
2 Nov 2008

Beijing, I’m coming

I’m leaving for the Conference in Beijing. Four days packed with meetings and discussions, followed by two days of sightseeings (Forbidden City and the Great Wall). I will report about the sessions I will be attending,
15 Jul 2008

OOo, a download every five seconds

June has been an extraordinary month for OOo in Italy: – 523.234 downloads during the month, one every five seconds, more than the PCs sold in the country. – 2.096.043 downloads since January 1st, 2008. In 2007,
13 Jul 2008

Why “Open Opinions”

I have been mumbling quite a lot on the editorial strategy of this blog. Originally, I wanted to cover marketing of open source software following my experience about I have soon realized, though, that the open
26 Jun 2008

The feed is working again

Thanks to Gianluca Diegoli (if you understand Italian, his [mini]marketing blog is a must read), I have discovered that the RSS feed of my blogs wasn’t working. After a quick search on the WordPress site, I have
23 Apr 2008

Identity crisis

For the Italian law I am a freelance journalist, as I am a member of the Italian association and I have also subscribed for 2008. For a small percentage of the community – in the area of