Impress Archive

16 Feb 2009

Anti Aliasing is done for OOo 3.1!

After a long preparation and implementation phase, Anti-Aliasing is available and will be activated for OOo 3.1 in all Applications and on all Systems. This was one of the most voted issues on OOo. Since pictures say
15 Feb 2009

OpenOffice.org3 Impress Guide

The first edition of the OOo3 Impress Guide is now available. Individual chapters and a compiled book are on the Documentation Project website (PDF).
14 Feb 2009

RedOffice Offers OOo User Interface Ideas

RedOffice is one of the “distros” of, along with Go-OOo, Lotus Symphony, OxygenOffice, NeoOffice, EuroOffice, and probably some others. RedOffice is developed by a company in Beijing and specifically addresses the Chinese-language market. More than just
3 Mar 2008

From the OOo February Newsletter

Developer’s Guide is now in the Wiki The Developer’s Guide is now available online in the Wiki. The main purpose of moving the guide into the wiki is for maintenance reasons and the hope to
4 Feb 2008

OpenOffice January Newsletter

Announcements Community Innovation Program "On 7 December 2007, Sun Microsystems Inc. announced a new million-dollar fund to foster innovation in six of the open-source projects it sponsors and contributes to. We are pleased to report that