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30 Jul 2008

OOo is “the best of open source”

Sam Ramji of Microsoft announces the SourceForge Community Award for Best Project for Education, won by Sam underlines the importance of affordable software for education, both for teachers and students. Technorati Tags: microsoft, openoffice, award
16 Jul 2008

What’s happening at Microsoft Italy?

Today, Microsoft Italy has announced its third MD since the launch of Windows Vista and Office 2007. I’m puzzled. What’s happening at Microsoft Italy? Marco Comastri has left a few months after the announcement, and has been
7 Jun 2008

Vista Blues

Just brilliant… MacOS X is actually the best implementation of Linux, followed by Ubuntu. The gap is closing, although Ubuntu will never get where MacOS X is because of the better hardware integration of the latter (although
23 Apr 2008

He really understands open source

“There’s free software and then there’s open source”, he suggested, noting that the company gives away its software in developing countries. With open source software, on the other hand, “there is this thing called the GPL, which
23 Apr 2008

Identity crisis

For the Italian law I am a freelance journalist, as I am a member of the Italian association and I have also subscribed for 2008. For a small percentage of the community – in the area of