I have stumbled on free software when I was 50, searching for an alternative to Microsoft Office. I was fed up with Microsoft Outlook, the worst piece of software ever developed. I am now over 60, and after ten years in the free software trenches, I have some ideas to share.

Where are the IBMmers ?

If someone walks into the IBM people lost somewhere in Berlin and desperatedly looking for the site of the ODF PlugFest, please send them immediately to the Ministry of Economics and Technology in Invalidenstrasse.

IBMmers did not miss any ODF PlugFest, not even the one organized by Microsoft inside Microsoft premises, as it is understood by everyone in the ODF ecosystem that ODF PlugFests are a neutral place where everyone contributes to the progress of the standard.

So, please help the IBMmers. They must be somewhere in Berlin, as I refuse to think that they are not showing up.

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