I have stumbled on free software when I was 50, searching for an alternative to Microsoft Office. I was fed up with Microsoft Outlook, the worst piece of software ever developed. I am now over 60, and after ten years in the free software trenches, I have some ideas to share.

Another victim of Apple Maps ?

IBMmers didn’t show up, after a full day of search by the entire PlugFest crew…

Someone has been speculating about a recent move of IBM to iPhone 5, which might be the reason why IBMmers did not find Invalidenstrasse in Berlin, as they tried to reach it by relying on Apple Maps.

According to the video, if they search for Starbucks at Hauptbanhof in Berlin they might get close to the building, and from there walk to Invalidenstrasse.

Today is the last day of the PlugFest, and IBMmers might risk to miss their chance of contributing in a positive way to ODF further developments.

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